Alexander Turgaev, Rector of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture will become a curator of the section entitled "Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage"

The events of the section will consider the topics of folklore, and examine the modern approach to combining traditions and innovations in folk art, folklore and amateur creative projects.


The events of the Section will include an international convention entitled "Traditional Culture and Modernity,” an exhibition of the Russian Collage of Traditional Culture “City of Craftsmen” and the City Contest of Decorative and Applied Arts “Mosaic of Crafts.” The folk art festival “Spring of Life” will be held in cooperation with the Russian Museum of Ethnography in the Museum’s walls. The work of the section will be overseen by the Rector of St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture Alexander Turgaev.


Since December 2010 Dr. Turgaev has been the head of the Federal state educational establishment of higher professional education St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, which has been graduating culture professionals for almost a century. The University offers some 50 programs in the sphere of amateur art, folklore, classical music and academic singing. 


You can find the list of events in the section “Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage” by going to the Forum Program section.