International Delphic Committee will present the "minimum cultural basket" of Russian youth


International Delphic Committee will take part in the Cultural Forum. Representatives of the Committee and the National Delphic Council of the various countries will perform in several sections: "Education", "Mass Communications", "Folk art and intangible cultural heritage." At the Forum, delegates, inter alia, will present their two interesting project - "The minimum monthly cultural set of a young man in the Russian Federation" and "Delphic Rating 2015".


Calculated by professionals of the Committee "cultural basket" will help to assess the availability of the sphere of culture to the younger generation of the CIS countries. Their observations ( Committee experts will share on December 14 at the venue of the Institute of Culture. In addition, the delegates to the Congress will put the Russian regions in descending order according to their participation in the Youth Delphic Games Russia - to this day rating was kept confidential.


The revival of the Delphic Games after it centuries pause began in 70-ies of XX century in the Soviet Union. The first World Delphic Games of modern times took place in 2000 in Moscow with the participation of 27 countries. A year ago, the organizers have launched a new format - European Delphic Games. Every year since 2002 youth Delphic Games of the CIS member states are also held. The organizers do not rule out that at the Cultural Forum the venue of the Third World Delphic Games could be announced.