IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will start on December 14th


From 14 to 16 December 2015 in St. Petersburg the largest event in the history of The IV International Cultural Forum will be held, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of UNESCO. Within three days, the participants will witness more than 250 cultural events that will take place at 82 venues in the city. The Forum will be attended by about 9000 people. Participants will also visit the III St. Petersburg International Tourism Forum.


The Forum will be organized in twelve sections: "Theatre", "Music", "Museums and exhibition projects", "Literature and reading", "Cinema", "Circus and street theatre", "Folk art and intangible cultural heritage" "Ballet and dance", "Fine Arts", "Cultural heritage preservation", "Mass Communications" and "Education". All the activities of the Forum are divided into four flows: educational, business, public and official.


Prominent cultural figures from Russia and abroad will lead sections and conduct discussions at the Forum. Section "Movies" this year will be headed by the famous Russian film director and actor Fyodor Bondarchuk. "I would like to say about the speed of time and the rare case when the International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg, corresponds to the time and, perhaps, somewhere ahead of him. It is important to understand, when we talk about the problems of сinematheque and the сinema museums, that all this is connected with the multimedia technology and a new quality of communication that comes into the museum,"- said Fyodor Bondarchuk. Within the Forum will be a ceremony of the passing the baton from the Year of Literature to the Russian Cinema Year.


Member of the Organizing Committee of the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre Valery Gergiev said: "Cultural Forum - a great success for our country. Today we can say with confidence that this forum - a platform for open dialogue for masters of the craft, and the world needs it."


In addition prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre Diana Vishneva will talk about the future of Russian and world culture. "In my opinion, the main importance of the Forum is that it brings together masters of the craft from all over the world. And gives an opportunity to talk about the past, present and future of our profession, to discuss current problems and identify possible solutions "- said the dancer.


In the Cultural Forum will be attended by representatives of the government. According to Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky, the event helps to establish contacts with foreign colleagues. "Certainly, international cultural relations - the basis of fruitful dialogue, the development of partnerships and the strengthening of mutual respect between them, - the minister said. -The special role in this process is played by UNESCO, and I am pleased to note that 2015 St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum dedicated to the 70th anniversary of this organization." It is already known that more than 40 foreign ministers of culture will arrive to the forum. Among the honored guests of the event are the Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova. She said: "In the current world situation, where the culture is often in the firing line, our task is to support it by all means, put it at the center of peace-building and to make it effective factor of sustainable development. I am convinced that the basis for the responses to the challenges of the time is humanistic values - tolerance, cultural diversity, dialogue between cultures."


Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets is also sure that forum helps to solve important world problems: "Today hard times are coming - in some regions of the world before our eyes centuries-old heritage is getting lost; it is the property of not individual countries but the entire world. How to support cultural community? How to keep what belongs to all mankind? These questions are the most relevant, and they will be discussed at the Forum."


Telecommunications Partner of IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will be the cellular operator "MegaFon". Acting Director of OJSC "MegaFon" Aleksey Titov commented: "We are ready to provide high quality communication for the guests of the forum. "MegaFon" has repeatedly provided telecommunications support during large-scale events, such activities require special training, and our specialists are always carried out a series of measures that the network, even with high load at the venue always worked without any glitch."