"The invisible play" will be shown in Saint-Petersburg


The creative team of the Moscow theater named after Mikhail Bulgakov, with the support of the company "MegaFon" will introduce in St. Petersburg, a unique performance of "Wolke" for visually impaired and blind children.


Performance 5D or as it is called the play invisible is a staging that can not be seen, but can be heard and even touched. Unusual presentation will take place within the walls of boarding school №1 named after KK Groth on 15th and 16th of December.


The main difference of the theater for the blind from other children's theaters that young viewers can not see acting on stage, but fully immersed in the atmosphere of what is happening. The play involves interactive communication with the children and is focused on the development of auditory, kinesthetic, and olfactory sensations. For example, when the author tells the story, the main character is swimming in the river, the audience not only to hear the sound of the waves, but also feel on their skin tiny drops of water, gently sprinkled by the artists.


The company "MegaFon" supports the project "Invisible performances" for two years. During this time it played 35 performances and 20 master classes were held, which was attended by over 900 children from 14 cities of Russia. The project received wide acclaim and continues to evolve: in December 2015, the creative team of the theater has produced a new play based on the novel by Vladimir Zheleznikova "Scarecrow."


Фото: Андрей Орехов