Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky will open the exhibition "Territory of Culture"


On December 14 at the Marble Hall of the Russian Ethnographic Museum will be the opening of an interactive exhibition "Territory of Culture". The event will be attended by Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky and foreign ministers.


The exhibition aims to demonstrate the global role of culture in the life of modern Russia's population, to talk about the cultural achievements and successes of the country, to display the variety of diverse activities in the field of culture (from the works of museums, theaters, libraries to projects in the field of tourism, conservation and restoration of objects, creating a registry of cultural sites and so on).


Exhibition stands, united by the common topic of development of culture, pointing to the viewer a "Way of the Future", covering various activities in the field of culture. One of the blocks of the exhibition tells about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, thus supporting one of the key topisc of the Forum 2015 - 70th anniversary of UNESCO.


The main objective of the exhibition is to present the Russian culture as a permanent developing structure, following the dynamics of the activities of cultural institutions over the past 10-15 years across the bright projects and statistics denoting the direction of the culture of the country in 2016. The objective of the project is with the use of innovative technologies to acquaint the audience with the achievements of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture.