The section "Museums and exhibition projects" will introduce the concept of the world's first Museum of Heraldry


On December 14 the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum section "Museums and exhibition projects" will start its work, within its framework the opening the world's first museum of heraldry and awards in St. Petersburg will be discussed.


Hermitage plans to show the history of heraldic symbols in a wide historical and geographical range. The museum will feature paintings, drawings, as well as exhibits of porcelain, silver, numismatics, books, banners, flags, and much more. In addition, the Grand Exchange Hall of the museum want to make a venue for ceremonies, for example, for celebration of the Flag Day, the Day of Russia, to present state awards and to take the oath.


The project of the Museum of Heraldry and awards will be discussed in the round table "Heraldry as a means of communication. The concept of the State Hermitage Museum of Heraldry in the building of the Stock Exchange building." Discussion will be moderated by the Chairman of the Heraldry Council under the President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Director of the State Hermitage Georgy Vilinbakhov and President of the International Academy of Heraldry Michelle Popov. The participants of the round table also include heraldry specialists of Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and France.