150 new cinema halls will be opened in small towns next year


In 2016 Cinema Fund will receive 1.5 billion rubles for implementation of the cinema popularization program in small towns- announced Vladimir Medinsky during the conference "Films on big screen. Restoration and development" held within the framework of the IV Saint-Petersburg Cultural Forum.

“Third of Russian citizens have no opportunity to visit cinema halls"- said Minister of Culture. "Business doesn't want to deal with small towns. That is why we will give financial assistance for every new cinema hall to be opened. A part of money committed to Cinema Fund will be given to big cities on the condition of recurrence".

Vladimir Medinsky highlighted that today small towns with population under 100 thousand people have about 500 cinema halls altogether. The Ministry is intending to double this number. As the CEO of the Cinema Fund Anton Maltsev reported, 150 new cinema halls will be opened in 2016 in Russia. He also noted that the cinema popularization program of small towns implies not building new cinema halls, but their equipping.