"Cranes are Flying" and 14 other Russian films could get under the protection of UNESCO


Within the framework of IV St.Petersburg international cultural forum there was a presentation of a list containing Russian films, which are recommended to UNESCO for inclusion in “Memory of the World” program. Among them there is a famous film directed by Sergei Bondarchuk “The Fate of a Man”, “Andrey Rublev” directed by Andrey Tarkovsky, “Battleship Potemkin” directed by Sergey Eisenstein, “My friend Ivan Lapshin” directed by Aleksey German, “Cranes are flying” by Michael Kalatozov and other legendary Russian pictures.



A special guest of the presentation was Boyan Radoykov, the head of UNESCO Information Society Division Programme. A well-known Dutch director Jos Stelling, which will be an expert at the premiere of the play “Language of Birds”, expressed his personal request for the early inclusion of films mentioned above into the list of cultural heritage objects.



- For me, a Dutch cinematographer, it is a great honor to visit you, Boyan Radoykov, to make an exception and include films of Eisenstein and Tarkovsky into the list of “Memory of the World” , albeit 20 years late, - said Jos Stelling.



A foreign UNESCO representative advised Russian delegation to make an application before the 1st of January, and he promised that it will be considered soon. Boyan Radoykov noticed that the cultural forum is the right event for taking such important decisions.



In 1995 films from 49 countries all over the world were included in UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” Programe and became the objects of world cultural heritage. That time none of Russian films was included. Speakers highlighted that the cultural forum became a starting point for the correction of a 20-years mistake.  


photo: www.imgplusdb.com