Festival program under the auspices of the Forum

Cultural events under the auspices of the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will form a special festival program, which will precede the business program of the Forum on December 14-16.


Exhibitions, concerts, theater shows, literary readings, presentations of exhibitions, art salons and theater projects of the Festival program will be included as part of the Public Event Flow, and will be open to all residents and guests of St. Petersburg.


In November 2015 the Museum of St. Petersburg History will open an exhibition “Architectural Monuments Must Go On!” with an exposition of unique cultural sites from all across Russia, such as Iset Hotel in Ekaterinburg, Solodezhnya and Pechenko House in Pskov, Trade market in Volsk, Saratov Region, Palace Stables (Peterhof), and 17th Century Chambers in Archangelsky Pereulok in Moscow.


The Film Section will introduce an exhibition and research project, “House of Voices,” dedicated to disappearing world languages. Artists and curators of the event seek to discuss the problem of dying languages and nations and move it into the general cultural discourse from the current discussion in linguistics and ethnography, archives and regional studies museums. The exhibits will include portrait films of its main characters, landscape compositions, an interactive installation and a series of drawings based on photos from remote areas where the disappearing nations currently live, their customs and letters.


In the late fall Aurora Cinema Theater will hold a festival of films included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the Film Section of the Forum. A series of recognized classical films in their original languages with Russian subtitles will be shown.


In late September, the Theater Section of the Forum will present an interactive exhibition at St. Petersburg Theater Museum, dedicated to life and work of Georgy Alexandrovich Tovstonogov, a renowned theater director of the 20th century, in whose honor the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater is now named. 


The preliminary list of festival events can be found in the Forum 'Program' Section.