People with disabilities and professional actors performed on the same stage


The premiere screening of the inclusive performance "The conference of the birds" directed by Boris Pavlovich took place in Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre small stage 14 December 2015 within the framework of the IV St. Petersburg Cultural Forum. Famous actors, cultural figures from Russia and foreign states and ordinary theatre-goers gathered together in the audience hall to enjoy.

The performance "The conference of the birds" is a contemporary theatrical experiment carried with persons under care of social rehabilitation centre "Anton is right here". Both professionals and persons with special needs performed on the one stage.

The Director and Stage Manager of Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre socio-educational projects Boris Pavlovich has earlier reported on the project: "Performance "The conference of the birds" is an example of artwork. I expect that our revelations that have been made throughout the year of rehearsals become the revelations of every spectator who will come to the play".

On performance completing the Director of creative, educational, training and social rehabilitation centre for adults with autism Lubov Arcus noticed that it was just beginning preliminary steps. Such kind of experience is a chance for those who have mental peculiarities to have a full life without any confines. The Director of "Anton is right here" centre sincerely appreciates Boris Pavlovich for the opportunity to bring talents of persons with autism to light, for brilliant team work and warmth.

The performance was produced within the framework of experimental theatrical project "The Meeting" aimed to create the room for professional actors and persons with special needs to exist on equal ground as mutually enriching partners.