Today a special edition of the anthology "Russian Metsenat" will be present on the cultural forum


Today at 15:00 a special issue of the Russian Metsenat almanac, an information partner of the IV St. Petersburg Cultural Forum will be presented at the General Staff Building of the Hermitage. The issue is dedicated to the cultural innovations of St. Petersburg and projects held within the framework of the Year of Literature in the Russian Federation.

One of the topics of the presentation is the literary projects of the Arkhangelsk region (the establishment of the world’s first museum of Joseph Brodsky, the festival of Kozma Prutkov in Solvychegodsk, the contest of essays on the topic of the prototypes of Fyodor Abramov’s literary characters, etc.). This topic will be covered by the region’s governor Igor Orlov and other participants of the projects. Another topic is the museumification of the place of Dmitry Likhachev’s exile on the Solovetsky Islands.

The latest results of the archaeological studies in the Vyborg Bay of the Baltic Sea will be presented by Sergey Fokin, president of the Center of the Underwater Studies of the Russian Geographical Society, and Andrei Lukoshkov, scientific leader of the expedition. These archaeological finds constitute an important part of the cultural and historical heritage. Among all, they are represented by cannons from the Portsmouth battleship constructed according to Peter the Great’s drafts and drowned in the waters of Kronshtadt in 1719. They will be of great help in recreating the tide of the Vyborg sea battle of the Russo-Swedish war of 1788–1790, which ensured the borders of the Russian Empire.

At the presentation the participants can also recieve the latest Russian-English issue of the Russian Metsenat almanac dedicated to creative people and projects, published with the help of the St. Petersburg grant.