Forum participants will meet Mikhail Gusman and will be able to see the film about the UN


The presentation of the film TASS “The United Nations – 70” will be held at the Lecture-hall of the General Staff Building on the 15th of December at 17.00. The film is about the creation and history of the UN, and what is more important the role of the USSR and The Russian Federation in strengthening the world's largest organization.

The makers of the film were able to portrait daily intense work of the General Assembly and the Security Council just right. The creators of the film were the first to be awarded the access to special halls and closed meetings of the Security Council where no journalists have been ever allowed to. The shootings took place in the world's hot spots, where the UN is currently keeping its peacekeeping operations, as well as visited the UN base of the military contingent in Congo. The film features interviews with former General secretaries Perez de Cuellar and Kofi Annan, exclusive interview with Minister of the Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Russia's Permanent Representative in the UN Vitaliy Churkin.

Episodes including Vladimir Putin's performance and speeches at the General Assembly take a special place in the film.

A great report about a working day of the UN General-Secretary Pan Gi Mun is representing the artistic part of the film. Not only the authors did get access to the exclusive interview of the current General Secretary of the UN, but also accompanied Pan Gi Mun the whole historical day on 15th of December to every event.

After the presentation of the film a session of questions and answers with the author and presenter of the film - Mikhail Gusman will take place at 18.10


Project Manager - Director General of TASS Sergey Mikhailov.