Forum participants held a circus night with Oleg Popov, Jango Edwards and Slava Polunin


At the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum under the section "Circus and Street Theatre" was held a master class with world-famous clown Jango Edwards. The event was also attended by the People's Artist of the USSR Oleg Popov.


Jango Edwards held a master class for clowns of Rosgostsirk in a playful way. Besides practical knowledge, the Russian clowns tightened the theory. The lecturer has repeatedly pointed out that the true clown must be a clown in his heart. "This is the state of consciousness. Being a clown - it means to be a person, "- he said.


The famous actor considers it impossible to go to the circus as a clown unless you was born for it. It is necessary to feel the sense in your very inside. There is no universally right or wrong way towards the occupation, noticed Edwards, everyone has the unique one and must forge own path by himself. "There is no determination both in me and in my words. Yet there is determination in the rest of us, so you should gather images of every clown together and find your way among it. All of us have the same constitution of hearts and minds," - noticed Jango Edwards.

Being very warmly welcomed by the audience Oleg Popov pointed out that a smile plays role of a great importance not only in clown's life, but in life of everyone. "Smile, give shine of smiles to each other, and let the cheerful mood lead us to the most magnificent place in the world - to the circus"- claimed Oleg Popov