St. Petersburg audience had an opportunity to see a play from Moscow


A video translation of the "Cherry orchard" performance by Moscow Chekhov's Art Theatre took place at the Business venue of the IV St. Petersburg Cultural Forum yesterday evening.

Adolf Shapiros's works, who is the director of the play, are well known all over the world. Performances that were directed by Adolf have been more than once nominated for the Russian national "Golden Mask" award. In the play Ranevskaya role was portrayed by the honored people's artist Renata Litvinova, Lopahin role by the prize-winner of the national award in the field of cinematography "The Golden Eagle" - Andrey Smolakov, Gaev role by the przie-winner of "The Golden Sofit" award - Sergey Dreiden.

The demonstration of the Moscow theatre's plays in other cities is brought by the "Theatrical Russia" project, which is main goal to acquaint people from other regions with the culture of the capital city. The project immediely gained support from people of this area.
Modern technologies help theatre become available for everybody and make auditoriums truly boundless.