Diana Vishneva and Ana Laguna discussed the modern ballet


The Mariinsky theatre prima ballerina Diana Vishneva and famous Swedish dancer Ana Laguna met on the key plenary discussion of the "Ballet and dance" section within the framework of the IV St.Petersburg Cultural forum. The topline dancers discussed innovativeness in the art of ballet, and gave consideration to the eternal matters of peace, beauty and creativity.


"There is a controversial attitude towards contemporary choreography in Russia" - noticed Diana Vishneva, "nevertheless I notice how the audience is gradually joining new trends. I am pleased by such kind of approach. We must continue to make current edition of world classics comparable to the requirements of our time.”


Ana Laguna emphasized that the key goal of contemporary ballet is the convey of emotions. According to the talented pedagogue, nowadays a spectator applauds to tough pirouette being successfully completed as physical power is highly appreciated. Diana Vishneva agreed with the colleague.
"Unfortunately sometimes actor looses his dramatic line and transforms to a salesman of himself and his acrobatic feats. A partner turns into ballerina-carrier being unmindful of interaction"- mentioned Diana Vishneva.


Ballet-dancers had a chat on their own work, arts integration and internationality of ballet language. In the conclusion of the dialogue Ana Laguna suggested to hold the "Year of dance" in Russia on the morrow of the "Year of cinema".