Theatre directors discussed the problems of adaptation of the classical texts for the modern productions


Participants of the round table "Author's Theatre. The interpretation of classical texts," which was held today, 15 December, at the Small Stage of the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre, talked about how to present to modern audiences classical masterpieces of culture. The discussion was held within the framework of the section "Theatre" at IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.


The moderators of the meeting were artistic director of the BDT Andrey Moguchy and artistic director of the Alexandrinsky Theater Valery Fokin. The main topic of discussion was very exciting for the participants of the discussion: some were convinced that modern performances must exactly follow the classical texts, others - believe that the director-producer has every right to rethink the artistic masterpiece. Current issue discussed by both Russian and foreign directors.


Famous modern director and playwright Ivan Vyrypaev said that the author's interpretation must not change the structure of the play, its contents, or dramatic work will simply cease to exist. Foreign guest Luca de Fusco said: "The interpretation of the classics - is in some sense always cheating, but there is a limit to this betrayal. All we are looking for a true middle path."


Moderator of the meeting, as well as director of the Bolshoi Drama Theater Andrey Moguchy promised that such meetings will be held more often. As the completion of the round table was the screening of the video, which featured the words by G Tovstonogov, who summed up the discussion with "Anything can happen if it is consciously made and is justified from the inside."