Russian-Chinese cultural relations were discussed during the Forum


Today, 16th of December, a round table discussion "Russia-China. Development Trends" took place at the Business venue of IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The meeting was dedicated to the various aspects of Russian-Chinese cooperation.

The welcome speech at the Round Table discussion was held by the CEO of the Non-profit partnership "Gildia Knizgnikov" and the head of Goods and Services Management Group at LLC "Biblio-Globus" Boris Esenkin, the rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Evgeny Bazhanov, the president of the Russian Collector Union Alexander Nikishin and a member of the Chinese delegation, the editor of the Chinese newspaper “The Dragon” Li Shuangse.

«Russian-Chinese relations are not just a partnership strategy, but they are as good as they had never been before,” – Evgeny Bazhanov mentioned. The Chinese delegation spoke of this, too. Li Shuangse shared the experience of the Chinese newspaper “The Dragon” that familiarizes China with Russia.

During the round table discussion the presentation of a Russian-Chinese project, a children’s book “Prince Dung-Dung and the Great Wizard” took place as well. It is a project of the writer Olga Nikishina that, according to the author, will make it possible for Russian and Chinese children to familiarize themselves with culture of friendly states.

In the course of the discussion a teleconference with the publishing house “BIBLIO-GLOBUS” in Moscow was conducted, and the leading specialists of the publishing house had an opportunity to ask the guests and the present at the meeting experts all their questions.

It is of notice that it was not the first Round Table Discussion at the Business venue of the Forum dedicated to cooperation between Russian and international publishing houses. All the participants of the meeting remark the significance of this event because it is a great opportunity to share experience and communicate.