More than 50 visually impaired children from St.Petersburg were able to touch and listen to "the invisible play"

The creative team of the Moscow theater named after MA Bulgakov, with the support of the company "MegaFon" introduced in St. Petersburg, a unique performance of "Wolke" for visually impaired and blind children.


5D performance or, in other words, "the invisible play" is a show that can not be seen, but you can hear and even touch. An unusual performance was held in the St. Petersburg boarding school №1 named after K.K.Groth.  On December 15 and 16 the show attracted more than 50 visually impaired and blind pupils of the school.




The main difference between the theater for the blind from other children's theaters is that young viewers can not see the play on stage, but fthey are ully immersed in the atmosphere of what is happening. The play involves interactive communication with the children and it is focused on the development of auditory, kinesthetic, and olfactory sensations. For example, when the author tells the story, where the main character is swimming in the river, the audience not only to hear the sound of the waves, but also feel on skin tiny drops of water, gently sprinkled by artists. The cast involves actors, which have an experience in film shooting: Jaroslav Zhalnin starred in the film "Gagarin. First in Space "and Yegor Salnikov known to a wide audience for the series" Give, the youth".




Besides, on the first day of the IV St.Petersburg Cultural Forum the director of the play Ekaterina Negruza took part in the roundtable discussion "Social Theater", moderated by Boris Pavlovich. Experience of the theater named after Bulgakov became an example of how it is important to create performances that are understandable for people with different physical and social opportunities.




A few years ago under support of "Megaphone" the theater put on the stage invisible plays for visually impaired children. Fundraising for the project was carryed out online on, and "MegaPhone" joined the action, increasing every donation of four times. As a result, by the present moment, the theatre not only managed to play 35 performances, but also to conduct dozens of workshops for children throughout the country.


Charitable activities of "MegaPhone" is aimed at adaptation programs, education, accessibility of the environment for people with disabilities, orphans, victims of a disaster, and children with serious illnesses, - says Director of Public Relations of the Northwest branch of the company "MegaFon" Kerman Mandzhieva, - During 2015 we supported 57 projects and 20 000 people in the region received assistance. As for St. Petersburg, we would like to mention that we held such major sporting events as the qualifying round for the North-West region of the football championship "The Future Depends on You" among children's homes and boarding schools, where the winner got the opportunity to go Sochi and compete for the grand prize - a trip to London to visit the players of football club "Arsenal". As well as an international tennis tournament for wheelchair MegaFon Dreamcup was arranged. This year ends with "the invisible play" Wolke.


 photo: Maria Mitrophanova