The ballet based on the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald will be presented to the people of St. Petersburg


As part of the festival program "Under the auspices of the Forum" on Monday, December 28 the Theatre of Boris Eifman  will present at the Alexandrinsky Theatre Ballet “Up & Down”, composed by on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald "Tender Is the Night."


Viewers who want to have time to see the ballet until the end of 2015, will have only two days – 28 and 29 December. As stated in the description of performances, meaning the performance space-research enclosed between two oppositely directed vectors of the plot (the degradation of a talented young doctor and the ascension of his wife and patient), turned into a surreal field experiments. With the help of the original plastic language, Boris Eifman portrays the disintegration of the characters ' consciousness, extracting to the surface of their nightmares and mania.


According to the plot to the hospital for the mentally ill, which employs young psychiatrist Dick Diver, arrives a new patient - a young Nicole Warren. Doctor manages to win the confidence of the patient, but which established a link between them turns into a feeling of love and the story ceases to resemble the development of relations of the doctor and the ward.


- A person that forgets his mission, destroying his talent, is doomed to catastrophe, and compromise with the treacherous world filled with temptations is always fatal, - said Boris Eifman. - And that's about the fatal consequences that caused by a betrayal of himself, that is the reminder of the ballet "Up & Down".