Human Resources policy was discussed at a forum


"And as for the grace given us, we have different talented people, ... he who manages, manage with diligence ..." - these words of the Apostolic Letter were said by Project Manager "Base of personnel potential of the Ministry of Culture of Russia"; this is how Pavel Subbotin opened the roundtable discussion, held on 15 December at the Central venue of the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. It was pointed out that the manager must have a great set of qualities, including an innate ability to control the people, without which it can not organize an effective process management of the organization.


Round table "New approaches of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in matters of personnel policy", organized by the Ministry of Culture of Russia, brought together heads of institutions of culture and tourism, as well as the heads of executive authorities in the field of Culture and Tourism of the Russian Federation.


The discussion proved to be implemented in 2015. The project to create a modern system of selection and promotion of advanced management training for cultural institutions, which has no analogues in any other ministry or a large company with state participation.


The project is based on a specially developed mathematical model, which allows determining the extent to which a particular member of the office to which it applies, taking into account the existing experience of his management, professional and business qualities.


Roundtable participants were the heads of the Ministry of Culture of Russia - the director of the Department of Control and Human Resources Olga Generozova, Acting Director of the Administrative Department Alexander Barkov, heads of the leading cultural institutions: Director of the Moscow Philharmonic Alexey Shalashov, rectors of educational institutions of the Ministry of Culture Ivan Lobanov and Alexander Thurgaev, Museum Director "Kulikovo Field" Vladimir Gritsenko, director of the museum "Tsarskoye Selo" Olga Taratynova.


During the discussion, the roundtable participants raised the most acute and topical issues of modern human resources policy: what is more important for a potential head of both federal and regional level - management experience and industry knowledge; as the need for rotation and continuity of leadership management training; where and how to teach effective leaders?


Roundtable participants noted the high importance of the project to improve the efficiency of public administration, praised his innovative approaches and practical results.