Prize winners of Anatoly Lunacharsky’s award took a prize

The solemn commitment of Anatoly Lunacharsky’s award took place under IV Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum. Prize winners got personal gift of money and special prize – the own work busts of Anatoly Lunacharsky.

 This reward was established by Direction of Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum for encouragement of cultural workers who represents uncreative professions. The goal of award – to pay attention to frontline employees. It was decided to give the name of the prize in honor of the first People’s commissar of Education Anatoly Lunacharsky. First time the reward was handed out in 2015. Anatoly Lunacharsky’s awards picked up the cultural workers from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yaroslavl, the Pskov Region, Jewish Autonomous Region, Tatarstan and other regions.

 “Cultural sector have a lot of awards, they are usually handed painters, artists, directors, musicians, first dancers. Those, who frequent shown on television. This rightfully, but we shouldn’t forget about hundreds of thousands ordinary people who rarely mentioned but without whom our cultural industry simply could not exist”, says Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky.

Prize winners 2015 of Anatoly Lunacharsky’s awards:

- Galina Berezina (Pskov Regional Center of Folk Art) –“An employee of the folkloreethnographicscientific and research center for the study of popular culture» nomination;

- Elena Fedorycheva (Yaroslavl State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve) –“An employee of museum” nomination;

- Pavel Shuvalov (Mosfilm Cinema Concern) - “An employee of producing studio” nomination;

-Julia Shalisheva (St Petersburg State Capella) - “An employee of concert organization” nomination;

- Vladimir Malygin (Kazan circus) - “An employee of circus” nomination;

- Anastasia Ermakova (Children's music school, Birobidzhan, Jewish Autonomous Region) - “A teacher of children's art school,children's music and art schools” nomination;

- Zinaida Hudy (District house of handcraftsmanship, Salekhard, YNAO) –“An employee cultural and leisure institutions”nomination;

- Galina Volkova (National Library of Republic of Karelia) - “An employee of library” nomination;

- Veronika Chumak (Mikhailovsky theatre, Saint-Petersburg) and Roxana Sats (The Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for young audience named after Natalia Sats) - “An employee of theatre” nomination;

Thanks to the Ministry of culture of Russia for attention and regard to everyday, meticulous work. The importance of Culture Forum cannot be overemphasized. It unites professionals from different regions of Russia and other countries”, - notes one of the prize winner Zinaida Hudy.

 “It is necessary to maintain and develop cultural heritage, to ensure a great future! Cultural Forum does this outstanding job, many thanks to all the organizers and participants”, - says Galina Berezina, the prize winner of “An employee of the folkloreethnographic,scientific and research center for the study of popular culture» nomination.

 “I’m so happy, that organizers of Cultural Forum and Ministry of Culture paid attention to the workers of our institute. A library is a huge flood of information, where the ordinary visitors often difficult to navigate. Bibliographers know how to manage informationthat saves users timemoney and nerves”, - marks prize winner Galina Volkova.

 “I’m so happy, that workers of the backstage was awarded. Thank you to the organizers of the prize” – recognizes Julia Shalisheva on the awarding ceremony.

 “I wish to express my gratitude to our Ministry of Culture for possibility for the cultural workers to realize themselves in their chosen field, to get required support. A special thanks Vladimir Kekhman – art director of the Mikhailovsky theatre - for the confidence andthe example of how to work”, - says Veronika Chumak, prize winner of “An employee of theatre” nomination.

Direction of Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum and Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation decided to make the Anatoly Lunacharsky’s award annual.