23th December at the Alexandrinsky theatre

23th December at the Alexandrinsky theatre within the festival program of International Cultural Forum with the assistance of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation take place the concert dedicated to Petr Tchaikovsky’s year.

For the Petersburgers and guests of northern capital grandiose project «TCHAIKOVSKY-GALA» showed best and beloved pages of grate Russian composer’s creative work: fragments and scenes from operas, ballets, orchestral pieces, chamber-vocal creation.

Orchestra conducted by People’s artist of Russia Sergey Stadler and lead singers – Honored artist of Russia Galina Sidorenko, Honored artist of Republic of Karelia Vladimir Tselebrovsky, laureate of international competitions Ekaterina Shimanovich, laureate of international competitions Artem Melihov appeared on the scene of thу Alexandrinsky theatre.

Famous violin solos from the ballet “Swan’s lake” turned into glorious plastically intonation: Russian dance performed by People’s artist of Russia Julia Mihalina, White adagio performed by Svetlana Bednenko and Ivan Zaytsev.

At the Tsarist’s lobby lead singers of PETERBURG-CONCERTlaureates of international competitions – Irina Mkrticheva, Maxim Bulatov, Vladimir Vyuriv, Michael Buzin - opened for public lyrical sentimental song by Petr Tchaikovsky.