February 10-29 will take place II nd jazz competition for children and youth “Jazz carrousel”

February 10-29 will take place II nd jazz competition for children and youth “Jazz carrousel”. Competition is conducted under the auspices of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. It’s goal is searching of the talented young people, development of youthcreation and learn from examples of the best instances of native and foreign music.

Competition holds annually in the one of the oldest higher education institution - Saint Petersburg State Institute of Culture. Institute of Culture unites musicians of different generations and different styles, participants and winners of international pop and jazz competitions and festivals.

Ist International competition “Jazz carrousel” took place April 21-25, 2015. More than 150 applications to participate were submittedfor such first time held an international pop-jazz contest of this format. Among the participants were soloistsensembles, theater groups from different regions of Russia and also from abroad. More than 50 participants of the international competition were awarded the honorary titles of the winners of I, II, III degrees and special prizes.

II nd the International Competition "Jazz Carouselwill take place in 2 stages:

Ist round January, 10 - February, 10 2016 – Listening of the videos submitted.

II nd round February, 25-29 2016 - public presentations of the participants.

Full details of the competitions is possible to look at web-site of Saint Petersburg State Institute of Culture http://spbgik.ru/news/24-29-fevralya-II-Mezhdunarodnyy-konkurs-Dzhazovaya-karusel/