IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum Presents “Theatre” Section Program

The program focuses on traditions and innovations, ethics and aesthetics, preserving and restoring cultural heritage.


At the discussion part of the section representatives of the Theatre Division of UNESCO – International Theatre Institute – leading international directors, critics, theatre and festival managers will discuss the problem of restoration and interpretation of theatre shows, and creative approaches to working with classical theatre texts. These issues will become topics of the symposium entitled “Theatre Heritage: Preserving, Reconstructing and Reinventing Stage Texts” and the “Author Theatre” round table discussion.


Special attention will be accorded this year to the topic of social theatre. The section leader, Andrey Moguchy, says that the theatre today “has a genetic mission and is responsible for the spiritual health of every person in the audience.” The section will include a round table discussion and a special workshop for professionals, dedicated to theory and practice of present-day social theatre. The section will present to spectators two perfect examples of this new trend: an interactive show for children “Theatre from Inside” and “Language of Birds,” a research theatre project by Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre, created in cooperation with students and teachers of the Center for Assistance to People with Autism “Anton is Somewhere Close By.”


In September 2015 the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will present an interactive exhibition dedicated to life and work of the great theatre director of the 20th century Georgy Alexandrovich Tovstonogov.


The preliminary version of “Theatre” section program can be found in the “Program” section of the website .