Prize winner for “An employee cultural and leisure institutions” nomination of Anatoly Lunacharsky’s award

Prize winner for “An employee cultural and leisure institutions” nomination of Anatoly Lunacharsky’s award which took place under IV Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum became  Head of the Department of Applied Arts techniques of The District house of handcraftsmanship (Salekhard, YNAO)  - Zinaida Hudy.

Zinaida Vysovna works for The District house of handcraftsmanship since 2001. She makes a substantial contribution to activity directed on  preservation, development and popularization of arts of handicraft,  decorative and applied arts, fine arts of Yamal-Nenets autonomous district.

Zinaida Vysovna gives exclusive attention to the publications that introduce the readers to the national arts and crafts of northern peoples: Nenets, Khanty, Selkup, Komi-Zyrian. Since 2012 she is the trustee and one of the author of annual textbook of methodic and art books  “Lessons of skill”. Each textbook is an illustrate collection of materials which in the form of a master-class on the proposed models allow to make traditional products, such as the national winter baby clothes "malitsa", Selkup national needle bar, national fur mittens and national men's belt, etc.

In 2014 for the anniversary of the District house of handcraftsmanship Zinaida Hudy served as compiler of the special informative-analytic collection “The culture of Yamal” for the Department of Culture of Yamal-Nenets autonomous district.

She is fully engaged in orchestration of cultural and entertainment events: garden sculpture’s contest “The Legends of North”, annual exhibition of bone carving art "The soul of the north", district annual exhibition of contemporary visual art "Art-Yamal". Zinaida Vysovna is the officer in charge of the special project “Yamal Art for Children”. This project is focused on creation of the works of fine art, donated county social institutions. Zinaida Hudy’s outstanding administerial ability  helps to turn into reality this most interesting projects requiring huge, painstaking preparatory work.

            As the Head of the Department of applied art techniques she is directly involved in the folkloristic expeditions to study and collect information in areas of traditional existence of national arts and crafts - Yamal, Shuryshkarsky, Krasnoselkupsky and Purovsky areas. Zinaida Vysovna also organizes work of the Art-expert council of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.


Zinaida Vysovna said about the most important things in the work:


            “I think, that in my work, as in many other areas, the most important thing – result.

In the District House of Crafts exhibitions, festivals, competitions, workshops, expeditions, forums, manuals, I would like to see that the main components of these processes - creativity, engaging in some kind of craft -  present in the lives of more people.

Working in the field of crafts of Yamal, where centuries-old traditions alive, it would be desirable that the national way of life of the indigenous inhabitants of the region - Nenets, Khanty, Selkup remained in their canons for many years, centuries ahead. And we, the workers of culture, will help to preserve folk traditions as part of their activities”.