“An employee of library” nomination of Anatoly Lunacharsky’s award got Galina Volkova.

“An employee of library” nomination of Anatoly Lunacharsky’s award got Galina Volkova - leading bibliographer of Information and Reference Division, National Library of Republic of Karelia.

Galina Ivanovna works in National Library since 1982. She is one of the best known bibliographical and reference service expert.

After award Galina Volkova told about importance of bibliographer’s work: “Bibliographer defines the strategy and tactics of search; he can help reader to find information on the web site of the State Public historical library, the President library or the web portalDocusfera. Professional bibliographer cannot be a lawyer nor a philologist or a medical profession but often he can find suitable sources faster and more accurate than expert themselves”.

One of Galina Ivanovna’s focus area is an advancement of innovative resources, E-services, which are absolutely essential for the modern library. In National Library of Republic of Karelia the system information services for remote users was established with her help.

The inhabitants not only of Karelia but also from other regions turn to us for helpLetters come from Finland and GermanyUSA and France. As a rule, the theme of these letters deal with matters of local lore. For example, recently it was a letter from the city of Bremensought the sources about the stone churches of Karelia. In the course of the correspondence we have consulted the user how to work in the Digital Library of Kareliain the data retrieval system "Olonets provincial bulletin", to work with the electronic catalog.We give particular attention to the readers living in small settlements of the republicThis is mainly part-time studentsthey alwaysneed help” – she said.

Galina Ivanovna takes part in preparation and staging of the of Library’s cultural events: “Four times a year the National Library holdsthe traditional entertainmentsBiblio-nightPushkin DayNew Year's Day. At these days serious Information and Reference Division becomes unserious. For a few hours bibliographers and readers are changing their roles. We ask our readers the questionsWe provide literary guessing gamesParticipants can use for searching answers all the available devices from classic dictionaries and reference books to the InternetIt is interesting to observeadults and children turn the leaves of books or knock on keyboards enthusiastically”.

In conclusion Galina Ivanovna thanked the organizers of Anatoly Lunacharsky’s award: “Most persons who working in the field of culture are not a man of worldwide outstanding personality, but they save cultural heritage and make it available for millions of people of Russia and whole the world”.