Круглый стол «Научно-технические музеи в контексте целей и задач ЮНЕСКО» в Центральном музее связи им. А.С. Попова

December, 15 one of the interesting event of IV Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum, dedicated to 70th UNESCO’s anniversary, was round table "Science and technology museums in the context of UNESCO's goals and objectives”. This roundtable discussion was  organized by “A.S.Popov Central museum of communications” and Department of museology and protection of cultural and natural heritage of the Institute of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University.

At the round table were discussed the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage in the field of science and technology, the  interaction between science and technology museums and educational institutions, the use of modern technologies to improve access to scientific and technological heritage.

During the discussion, several decisions were adopted: development of advanced training programs for specialists, working in scientific and technical museums of the country, development of the program "Monuments of Science and Technology" of the Polytechnic Museum (Moscow).

The issues need to assist the action teams, dealing with the creation of the Museum of Science and Technology in St. Petersburg, as well as conservation and musefication of the memorial military town "Aeronautic Park".