Vadim Gagloev will co-chair the Circus and street theatre section

The new co-curator of the Circus Section of the IV St. Petersburg Cultural Forum was introduced to the participants of the meeting held to discuss the process of preparation to the event. The section will be co-chaired by Vyacheslav Polunin and Vadim Gagloev, General Director of Rosgostsirk Company.


During the meeting Vadim Gagloev talked about the main directions in the work of the section, the format of various events and the preliminary composition of participants. The key event in the work of the section will be the opening ceremony of the St. Petersburg Bolshoi State Circus on Fontanka following its reconstruction. Leading professionals from Russia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, South-Eastern Asia and Latin America will discuss the important problems of the circus today, including the problem of development and popularization of clownage, reconsideration and application of international experience to the practice of creating new and unique circus performances and projects, and structural reconstruction of the Russian school of clownage. The section will also include workshops and performances.


“The circus today - not only in Russia, but all over the world - has accumulated a considerable number of problems that need to be resolved through common efforts. The circus community, though, is fairly shut off from the rest of the world, which fact gives rise to many myths in the society. We want to open the doors of the circus to everyone: professionals and spectators alike, so that we do not read reports over a round-table discussion, but get together at the arena and have a free-flowing discussion. The format of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is ideal for doing just that,” Vadim Gagloev said.

Vadim Gagloev was born on April 28, 1966 in Slavuta, Khmelnitsk Region of Ukraine. In 1983 he was admitted to Lomonosov Institute of High Chemical Technologies, to the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Rare and Trace Elements for Electronic Equipment. He served in the Interior Corps of the USSR in 1984-1986, and then returned to his studies. In March 1992, after six years of studies, Mr. Gagloev defended his Diploma in physico-chemical studies of metallurgical processes, and was awarded a degree in Physico-Chemical Engineering.


In 1992 he joined the Property Management Agency of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, where he studied for more than 12 years, steadily climbing up the career ladder, from head of department to head of division, deputy director, first deputy director and finally, director of Property Management Agency of the Central Administrative District of Moscow. He has participated in restoration projects, including restoration of Bolshoi Theater and Gostiny Dvor (serving as member, and then as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of OAO Gostiny Dvor). In November 2004 he resigned from his governmental position, becoming advisor to the Chairman of the Board of OAO MAB Tempbank. In July 2006 he created and headed Metropolia Group of Companies. The Group deals in investments into real estate.


For more than 10 years Mr. Gagloev has served as co-owner of Krakatuk Theater and co-producer of Krakatuk Theater and Circus Show Program, which received the Grand Prix of an international festival in France, the Sleeping Beauty Show and a play Between the Dog and the Wolf, which won the Golden Mask award. Since July 2005 he has served as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Annual Festival of Art and Cinema in Nice (France). Doctor of Law.


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