Andrey Moguchiy’s performance “The Drunks” to become part of the Theater Section schedule

Andrey Moguchiy’s performance “The Drunk ones” will be staged as part of St. Petersburg International Culture Forum. The show based on Ivan Vyrypayev’s play will be presented to the Forum guests and participants on the 14th of December.


”The Drunk ones” rendered by Andrey Moguchiy is a story that tells us not to be afraid of living and loving. All the characters in the play are desperately drunk and thus fearlessly sincere. Having cast the formalities away, they are passionately babbling on the most heartfelt topics — liberty, love and God. The state of inebriation in the play is not only an artistic device to ironically distance a spectator from the characters, but also an integral condition for reclaiming the once lost contact with reality. It is not by chance that the play is preceded by the epigraph of a Sufi poet and philosopher Omar Khayyám who used wine as a metaphor of mystical revelation.


“Love is the leitmotif of the play. Loving the godly part of human nature. Drunkenness in the play is not actually mundane, it shouldn’t be treated literally — it is a metaphor of epiphany, immersing oneself in the authentic current of life, love, miracle of here and now. It takes just one night for the characters’ magic transformation to occur. This is the night – the moment of freedom and hope. No one can be denied a chance to start living their life in a better way — and this is exactly what the show is about. “The Drunk ones” is the play for people who are stereotype and prejudice free”, - says Andrey Moguchiy, curator of the IV St. Petersburg International Culture Forum Theater Section and G.A. Tovstonogov Big Drama Theater Art Director.


For details please see the draft Program of the Theater Section.