Official, Business, Education, and Public Flows: convenient navigation around Forum events

All the events of the Fourth St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will be subdivided into four flows: official, business, education and public. 


The official event flow will include key events with participation of leading Russian cultural institutions, cultural institutions from other countries, federal and regional bodies of executive and legislative authority, heads of leading Russian companies.  The keynote event in the official flow will be the opening ceremony of the Fourth St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum with participation of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky, General Director of UNESCO Irina Bokova, opinion leaders in the sphere of culture, politics and business.


The official flow will included the research convention entitled “Traditional Culture and Modernity,” the symposium “Theater Heritage: Protection, Reconstruction and Reconsideration of Stage Texts,” and the conference “Big Screen Films: Restoration and Development,” and other events.


The business flow will bring together events focusing on investment attractiveness of cultural institutions and measures to support major cultural initiatives.


Keynote speakers at business flow events will be representatives of Russian and international business communities. The participants and guests of the Forum will attend round-table discussions and panels, such as “Social Theater” Round Table Discussion, an international conference of heads of concert organizations of Russia and Europe, the round-table discussion on innovative methods of attracting spectators to concert halls, Russian and European experience, and synthesis of literature and music as a special form of concert repertoire, and other events.


The education event flow will focus on exchanging experience between Russian and foreign specialists, acquiring new knowledge, skills and abilities. The events in this flow will include lectures and workshops by recognized educators, opening of educational centers, presentations of innovative projects and programs, such as Social Theater workshop, Folk Choreographic Heritage workshop and others. 


The public event flow will offer a broad-scale cultural program for the general public. Starting in late October, the program of the 4th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will present theater and music shows, exhibitions, concerts, literary readings, presentations of new art, exhibition, and theater projects.


The planned events in different sections appear in the Program page of the website.