The premiers under the auspices of the Forum

On October 16th the premier of the performance “Town. Marriage. Gogol” will be held on the stage of the St.-Petersburg  academic Theatre of Lensovet. Is there any Russian classic comedy more popular than “Marriage” by Gogol? May be his comedy “Inspector”? These masterpieces of dramatic art are loves by directors, actors, audience. It has been repeatedly proved on stage since 1842. The Director Yury Butusov with outstanding artists makes up pinching St.-Petersburg story about loneliness, search of happiness, impossibility of dreams’ realization. Our mysterious mystic restless city becomes one of the major characters of the performance.

The performance “Town. Marriage. Gogol”, the Theatre of Lensovet. Source:

On October 21, 22 & 24 the ballet “Corsair”, on the stage of Mikhailovsky theatre. A two-act ballet, the realization of dream about adventures and a fairy-tale with happy-end. Vivid characters, exciting skirmishes of pirates and sweet lassitude of beautiful slaves in Turkish harems, colorful crowd scenes, soloists who keenly reproduce the spirit of origin. All these were embodied in one of the most brilliant ballets of Romanticism which was inherited to a contemporary spectator.

The Ballet “Le Corsair”, Mikhailovsky theatre.

On October 18th Mikhailovsky theatre will perform one-act ballets by Nacho Duato “In forest. Prelude. White darkness”. “In forest” is a performance based on Brazilian samba with musical ensemble, dancing duets, soloist, the liberty of wild nature and strong feelings. “White darkness” is a staging which was played in 2011 in Madrid for the first time. “Prelude” is an emotional and sensitive ballet with does not contain any concrete plot but clearly shows that intimacy of a woman and a man engenders light in a new life.

One-act ballets by Nacho Duato “In forest. Prelude. White darkness”, Mikhailovsky theatre. Source:


On October 24th the performance “Three sisters” will be showed in the Theatre of Lensovet. The play of Chekhov “Three sisters” is one of the five outstanding plays of all times as Yury Butusov, the director of the performance, considers. The director has already resorted to the creation of a Great Russian writer twice. The interpretations of plays “Ivanov” and “Sea gull” in Moscow theatres caused real interest. For producing of “Sea gull” Yury Butusov was rewarded with national theatre award “Gold mask”.


The performance “Three sisters”, the Theatre of Lensovet. Source:

On October 24th & 25th the premier of one-act opera “Cavalleria rusticana” will be held in Chamber music theatre “The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera”.  “Cavalleria rusticana” is one of the most famous works of verismo (from Italian the word “vero” – true, veritable), artistic direction in Italian literature, music and visual art of the end of XIX century. The music of the opera is charming beautiful and touching. Bright and catchy melodies, dramatic depth and expression made clear the fate of this work of art which made Mascagni famous all over the world. Cavalleria rusticana” was created by the director for the contest of one-act plays which was announced by Italian publisher Eduardo Sonzoneo. The premier of the opera was great success and after the play in Rome it was held in Berlin and Moscow. The theatre “The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera” turns to the creation of Pietro Mascagni for the first time.

All the events are held under the auspices of the IV St.-Petersburg cultural forum. The whole list of events of the festival is available on website: