The best exhibitions of November

On November 11th the exhibition “Russia. Realism. XXI century” will be opened in the Benois Wing of the Russian museum. The exhibition presents various ways of realistic tradition development in works of contemporary Russian painters, who works on the verge of academicism, photorealism and other variations of this direction, which appeared in last decade of the XX century. The exhibition consists of works of famous, mainly young painters and graphic artists of St.-Petersburg and Moscow.

"First snow", Victor Safonkin

On November 13th exhibition project “The Image of the Russian Country Estate” starts in ROSPHOTO. The demonstration of country estate photography collection of 1960s and 1920s from the State Historical Museum. The exhibition allows us deduce the evolution of country estate theme in photography and discover the basic directions of country estate plots in national photography. Country estate as a basis of nobility’s life, economic and culture of Russian Empire was a bright expression of national genius and the point of contact of elitist and folk cultures.

From the collection on of the State History Museum, Moscow

On November 14th the exhibition “Golden Generation. Modernism in Finnish Architecture and Design” will be opened in the State Hermitage museum. The exhibition is organized within the architectural program of the project “Hermitage 20/21” supported by Finland Institute in St.-Petersburg. The partners of the project are the Design museum (Helsinki), the museum of Finnish architecture (Helsinki), Alvar Aalto museum (Jyväskylä). There will be presented original drafts, photos, models, design objects, documental films on the exhibition. The author of the idea and the curator is a research worker of the Contemporary Art department of the State Hermitage museum, Ksenia Malich. An illustrated scientific catalogue was published for the exhibition. A parallel educational program, organized within the project, includes the cycle of lectures and masterclasses, in which Finnish architects, designers, researches.

A series of glasses «Bölgenblick», Aino Aalto, 1932
«Karhula-Iittala» manufacture
Design Museum

On November 15th the State Museum of the history of St.-Petersburg will present the exhibition “How to restore the monument. An AUIPIK Strategy”. St Peteer&Paul fortress. Poterna. Officially there are more than 130 000 monuments of history and culture in Russia nowadays. Invaluable heritage that symbolizes national identity of Russians is a colossal problem – how to save it? How and which resources shall we use to restore and uphold monuments? Which sense shall we put in them? To solve these and many other problems in year 2000 (Agency on Management and Use of Historical and Cultural Artefacts (AUIPIK) was founded by the order of Ministry of Culture and Ministry of property relations.

N.L. Benois, The Imperial Stables of 1848-1855

On November 28th the exhibition “In years of war and peace” will start in the State museum of Political History of Russia. To the 100th anniversary of K. Simonov (within the Year of Literature). In the year of Literature the State museum of Political History of Russia will present the exhibition dedicated to 100th anniversary of a soviet writer, poet and public figure Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov. On the exhibition there will be demonstrated documents, publications of Siminov’s works, books with his complimentary inscriptions, posters of performances and films made under his works, photos of different years which show the course of life of the writer. A special accent will be made on the creation of K. Simonov during the years of the Great Patriotic War.

Photo from the archives of K.M. Smirnova


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