Business venue schedule is announced

From 14 to 16 December Business venue will operate as part of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, which will bring together at the same table the representatives of Russian and international business community, community leaders and patrons. Business marketplace will operate on the territory of St. Petersburg Museum of Ethnography. The main venue will be the marble hall, it will be the main and most important events in the business area.


Upon entering the museum visitors get into an amazing atmosphere, combining luxury of the Marble Hall and modern technology.


On the second floor of the Marble Hall exhibited exposition -Exhibition "Territory of Culture". Where guests will appreciate all the work and development of culture in Russia.


Participants are invited to discuss the platform investment attractiveness of cultural institutions, to identify the main mechanisms to support cultural initiatives, as well as indicate the principles of development of tourist potential of Russia. In addition to the business program at the business site will take public events flow. Every day will be organized by a variety of evening activities that will demonstrate to spectators bright tendencies of popular literature, cinema and theater life.


One of the key activities of the business area, will be a roundtable on the law "On Patronage", which aims to draw attention to the problems of preservation of cultural heritage. Continuing the theme of promoting culture and business awards ceremony "Patron of the Year." The prize is awarded by Valentina Matvienko and Culture Minister Vladimir Medinskiy.


Participants of the business-platform will be invited to participate in the folowing round table "Russia-Iran - the interaction of cultures", "Russia-China - the interaction of cultures", "Franchise Biblio-Globus", "Support for animation production," the latter of which will be completed showing new products animated films.


As part of the evening program guests will present the project "Russian Theatre", which is based on the idea to acquaint the public with the best theatrical productions of Moscow and Saint Petersburg online. The first night of work business area will be organized viewing film clips finalists "Cannes Lions", a special guest of the event Edgard Zapashny. Also in the framework of the business area take place open lectures with the participation of distinguished artists of the Russian Federation - K. Habensky, S. Garmash, F. Lavrov.


All the days of the Business venue for the visitors will be an exhibition "Territory of Culture", through multimedia and interactive objects it will show the major milestones in the development and establishment of a modern cultural policy in Russia and demonstrate innovative technologies used in the culture. The exhibition will be stylized open book, there will be presented the most striking projects of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation from 2005 to 2015. Guests will be able to trace the development of culture in Russia and touch the real relics that were used in the projects.


IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, timed to the 70th anniversary of UNESCO, will bring together Russian and foreign experts in the field of arts and culture. The format of the dialogue and exchange specialists will work on the problems of preservation and development of Russian culture, maintain cultural initiatives, the expansion of international cooperation in the sphere of culture.