UNESCO objects exhibition

On November 16th the day of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO in the Presidential Library was opened the exhibition, which presented all the Russian objects protected by worldwide organization. This is the joint project of the Presidential Library, St. Petersburg State University and the Novgorod Museum Reserve under the “Education” section of the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.



Exhibitions which are using both the media and the traditional exhibition equipment took two rooms of the Presidential Library (total area of 270 sq. Meters) and show 27 World Heritage sites located on the territory of Russia.


The head of the "Education" section of the Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum, Rector of St. Petersburg State University Professor Nikolai Mikhailovich Kropachev: "Every object of this exhibition deserves to be the subject of a separate large exposure, science conference, the volume and depth of research publications. All exhibits undoubtedly have a great value to humanity and of considerable interest to specialists, scientists, inquiring minds that are attracted to the founding of St. Petersburg by Peter I in our city the first university in Russia, the gymnasium of the University, as well as the Academy of Sciences. At the same time the advantage of the exhibition that we are opening today, anticipating the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum - it is its significant scale. All guests (and we hope that the exhibition will be of primarily interest of students and pupils) will be able to appreciate the diversity of the cultural heritage of our country in the single space."



Each of the 27 Russian sites, including Lake Baikal and the volcanoes of Kamchatka, the Kazan Kremlin and the historic center of St. Petersburg, virgin forests of Komi and the Ferapontov Monastery, will be presented with photos and documents, rare portrait and landscape publications, commemorative coins, pre-revolutionary and Soviet postcards - in original and in electronic media. Novgorod Museum Reserve also will demonstrate birch-bark manuscripts and other archaeological artifacts discovered in the city in the course of many years of archaeological research, thus presenting "Historic Monuments of Novgorod and Surroundings" - one of the largest facilities in the Russian list of UNESCO.



The exhibition is open from November 16, 2015 on May 19, 2016. To visit the exhibition you must pre-register by calling (812) 334 25 14 or send an email to: excursion@prlib.ru.

IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will be held from 14 to 16 December and will be dedicated to the 70th anniversary of UNESCO. The Forum program scheduled over 30 events dedicated to the organization. Among the honored guests of the Forum is expected to UNESCO Director General - Irina Bokova.

Program of IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is available here.