Greeting speech from deputy prime minister O. Yu. Golodets to participants and guests of IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum


Dear friends!


With great joy I welcome participants and guests of the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum!


This year the forum is timed to the 70th anniversary of UNESCO - an organization that plays a special role in the development of international cultural relations and represents the preservation of world cultural heritage. It attaches special importance to the Forum.


Today, hard times come - in a number of regions of the world we are witnessing the centuries-old heritage is lost, which is a property not only of individual countries but also the whole world. How to lend a shoulder to the world cultural community? How to keep what belongs to all mankind? These questions are the most relevant, and they will be discussed at the Forum.


We are ready for an open debate on this issue, one of the sharpest in the world today, and wewant to draw attention of public and as many politicians.


IV St. Petersburg InternationalCultural Forum is an international platform for professional communication where experts can share their experiences, gain new communication and contacts, which will undoubtedly contribute to the development of each of the areas of culture.


I am sure that this year we again will witness the birth of many new initiatives and projects, as well as rich and fruitful discussion!