Oleg Ryzhkov to Head "Preservation of Cultural Heritage" Section

Oleg Ryzhkov, head of the Head of Agency on Management and Use of Historical and Cultural Artefacts of the section 'Preservation of Cultural Heritage'.


The first Russian landmarks were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List 25 years ago. The section entitled 'Preservation of Cultural Heritage' will include the opening ceremony of a special exhibition, presenting the models of the historical center of St. Petersburg and the related groups of monuments, the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square and the Kizhi burial grounds.


In November 2015 the Museum of St. Petersburg History will open an exhibition 'Architectural Monuments Must Go On!' with an exposition of unique cultural sites from all across Russia, such as Iset Hotel in Ekaterinburg, Solodezhnya and Pechenko House in Pskov, Trade market in Volsk, Saratov Region, Palace Stables (Peterhof), and 17th Century Chambers in Archangelsky Pereulok in Moscow.


The discussion program of the section will focus on searching effective solutions for preservation of historical and architectural landmarks, popularizing cultural heritage sites, developing site infrastructure and adapting them to present-day use.


Of special significance in the discussion program of the section will be the discussion of mechanisms for regulating urban construction activities, first and foremost, in various Russian regions, as well as the instruments of attracting local communities to dialog.


The preliminary version of the agenda for the 'Preservation of Cultural Heritage' section can be found in the Program section of the website.