St. Petersburg will be decorated for the New Year in advance, specifically for the beginning of the Forum


New Year decoration of the city on the Neva will be completed by 14 December - the day before the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, said the head of the Press Committee Sergei Serezleev.


- This is one week earlier than was planned. These dates will host St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, we want to make his guests were able to enjoy New Year's St. Petersburg. Recently, first decoration appeared on the Nevsky ave., the rest of details are still to be agreed by the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture, - said Sergey Serezleev.


The first holiday tree 20 meters high has appeared on Sakharov Avenue even on November 14th. Currently the installation of 14-foot artificial fir trees continues. Workers move from periphery to center, assembling four constructions per day. In total in St. Petersburg there will be 49 artificial trees.


The main Christmas tree on the Palace Square will beassembled before December the 5th. By the way, it will be decorated one and a half times more magnificently than in 2014: there will be 3,500 silver and gold balls, and more than four kilometers of garlands. Festive tree weights 20 tons and has a height of 25 meters; it will be mounted in at least five days. After this for about two days, as reported in the "City Center of advertising" it will be spent on setting up and connecting the equipment. By the way, to spruce Christmas festive lights glowed bright in the night city will need a 360 kilowatt-hours a day.


- Main tree this year will get a richer look, thanks to the additional LED designs (diamonds, circles with garlands etc.) She will get a unique mesh pattern, reminiscent of New Year's patterns on the windows, which adds lightness to it, - said the director of "City center advertising" Gregory Putintsev.


We remind that IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, timed to the 70th anniversary of UNESCO, will be held in St. Petersburg from 14 to 16 December. As part of it from 15 to 17 December will take place III St. Petersburg International Tourism Forum.