Vyacheslav Polunin told about snow, circus and cultural Forum

Russian actor, director, clown and mime, as well as the head of the section "Circus and street theatre" at the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum Vyacheslav Polunin, on the TV channel "Culture" said that, the best clowns of the world will discuss at the event this year.

The "White Studio" with the participation of the head of the Circus on Fontanka broadcasted on Saturday, 21 November. Host Daria Zlatopolsky got to know from Vyacheslav Polunin that this year  participants will try to answer the question - what should be the new circus?

- All the great clowns of the world will be here, including Oleg Popov - said the actor. - They will discuss how to return the clown to the circus. Because at some point, the circus became a space out of which the clowns started to leave. And now these people who out on the street or in the theater, they want to find a way to come back. They need good performances, where it is warm and cozy, where they would be in harmony.

In addition, the creator of "Snow Show" explained what senses the image of snow in his work is filled with: it is a symbol of purity, something beautiful and light, but it is also a symbol of death, cold. Vyacheslav Polunin also noted that very soon, on December 18th Circus on Fontanka will be opened renovated and will now carry a new name - the circus Ciniselli. However Forum participants could witness first performance even earlier on 15th of december at 19:00 at "Opening ceremony of Big St. Petersburg State Circus" 

Recording of the broadcast is available here(only in Russian):