IV St. Petersburg International Forum Volunteer centre finished recruitment process


Recruitment of volunteers ended yesterday. Elizabeth Matveeva, Daria Belyakova, heads of volunteer centre have told that since the beginning of September they have received about 1,000 , but only 700 people were pre-selected.


More chances to get into the team of the Forum among those who have participated in the organization of other major events, who know foreign languages and are interested in the cultural sphere. Largely recruited young people are over 18 years, but, as noted by Daria Beliakova, 16-17-year-old volunteers may get accepted, if they are responsible and active.


- I am a future PR-specialist, for me, this practice allows you to learn the profession from the inside and get the real skills needed for future career success, - said one of the candidates Olga Stychishina.


Service managers have already held a meeting presentation with the most of the applicants, where spoke about what is St. Petersburg Cultural Forum, and what functions they will perform at the event. Now there is a selection of the most active volunteers, as well as the distribution of responsibilities. In the end, 300 best candidates will be selected to participate in the organization of the Forum.


- Volunteers will meet and accompany foreign delegations, accredit participants, answer their questions and help curators of the discussion panels, - said Daria Belyakov. - Guests will be able to easily find volunteers dressed in a white shirts, blue vests and dark blue coats with logos of  IV St. Petersburg International Forum.


Management of the Forum will present the letters of gratitude to everyone, who will be the most active and responsible assistants, besides it the volunteers will be able to keep the uniform and badge as a souvenirs from the event.