The participants of the Forum will teach calligraphy and pottery in the framework of the section "Education"


On December 14th the "Education” section of the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will begin its work. For three days, participants will discuss topical issues related to open education and learn about real cases of cultural and educational projects.


Chairperson - Rector of St. Petersburg State University Nikolai Kropachev - recently made a proposal to increase the openness of the Russian educational system. Since 2016 all graduate students and their final works will be published on internet websites of the university before the date of defense. And in the state certification committee will include only the employers - representatives of business organizations, public authorities, research institutions. At one of the round tables experts will get acquainted with the successful experience of introduction of electronic educational resources in the University.


Another example of a significant cultural and educational program will be demonstrated by Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre. The presentation will discuss the principles of the "Pedagogical lab of BDT" as an effective tool for the integration of theatrical and educational methods in work with children and youth. Examples will show participants how to solve the problem, formulated in the form of the slogan: "BDT goes to school; the students go to the BDT."


Leading craftsmen and artists of St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Art and Industry Academy will hold 6 master classes for the development of calligraphy, the art of painting fabrics, pottery and other arts and crafts techniques.


At the meetings, conferences and other discussion sites, participants will get acquainted with the Russian project implemented in a European museum, as well as talk about the professional art education in the era of change. A separate round table will focus on the place of charity in the culture.