Round table discussion “Heraldry as a means of communication. The concept of Heraldry museum of the State Hermitage Museum in the building of the Stock Exchange”

Business event flow / Museums and exhibition projects

15.12.2015 11:00

Palace emb., 34. State Hermitage. State Council hall


Discussion related to the creation of the State Hermitage Heraldry Museum.


To discuss the proposed concept of the Museum of Heraldry, representing the history of heraldic symbols in a wide historical and geographical range. The report highlights the idea of representation heraldry from different historical and cultural regions: the Far East (Japan, China), Muslim, Middle Eastern, European and Russian. In order to disclose the operation of heraldry proposed to include the exposition of paintings, drawings, porcelain objects numismatics, books, banners, flags, uniform costume, decoration, tapestries and furniture.


Georgiy Vilinbakhov
Michel Popov

Chairman of the Heraldry Council under the President of the Russian Federation, State King of Arms, Deputy General Director of the State Hermitage
President of the International Academy of Herald



  • Niels Bartholdy, Denmark, Member of the Bureau of the International Academy of Heraldry
  • Robert Watt, Canada, the Royal Society of Canada Heraldry, Bureau Member of the International Academy of Heraldry
  • Stephen Rosen, Sweden, Vice-Chancellor of the Chapter of the Royal Orders of chivalry, Member of the Royal Academy
  • Yuri Ostashkov, Belgium, the International Academy of Genealogy
  • Pasturo Michel, France, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Inscriptions and Letters (2006), Member of the International Academy of Heraldry, Vice President of the French Society of Heraldry