Program dedicated to the 70th anniversary of UNESCO: Seminar and Working meeting of heads of Russian and European concert organizations.

Business event flow / Music

15.12.2015 11:00-18:00

Moika River emb., 20. St. Petersburg State Academic Capella. Chamber Hall


Round table discussion “Innovative Ways of Attracting Spectators to Concert Halls. Russian and European Experience, Synthesis of Literature and Music as a Special Direction of Concert Repertoire”

Working meeting of heads of Russian concert organizations


Momchil Georgiev
Natalya Mikhailovna Stern

General Secretary of BAROK, Bulgarian Association of Symphonic Orchestras
Deputy Director of the State Autonomous Institution of Culture of Sverdlovsk Region


Preliminary List of Participants:

Filippe Faglia, Director, French Association of Symphonic Orchestras;

Fedor Romanov, Deputy General Director for Concert Programs and Development of St. Petersburg Capella;

Representative of the Faculty of Philology of St. Petersburg State University.