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15.12.2015 14:00-14:30

Dvortsovaya sq., 6/8, The General Staff Building, Blue Hall


Wedsite for promotion the cultural heritage and traditions of the peoples of Russia CULTURE.RU - a key element of the new system of interaction in virtual space.

The main objective of the website - to concentrate a rich and diverse cultural heritage of Russia in digital form. This resource - library and exhibition of the cultural achievements of the country.


Today "С" is already a unique resource:

  • The "Museum" contains the catalog of the 2,700 museums in Russia, 115 of them can be visited virtually.
  • In the "Theatre" there is a freely available more than 600 video versions of performances, including rare archival recordings and premieres, performances and gold fund of best dramas, provides information on more than 600 theaters.
  • In the "Cinema" - more than 900 feature films and documentaries.
  • About 560 lectures, including master classes of artists, as well as the most comprehensive collection of programs by Sergei Kapitsa "Obvious - incredible" can be found in the "Lectures".
  • The section "Tradition" includes a unique catalog of intangible cultural and religious heritage of Russia.
  • In 2015, a new section "Playbill" - a great opportunity to learn about the activities of cultural institutions anywhere in the country.