Presentation ROSPHOTO “Information storage and accounting of electronic images”

Business event flow / Intersectional events

16.12.2015 11:00-12:30

Bolshaya Morskaya st., 35, The State Russian Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO, Conference hall


Schedule of presentations:

1. Introduction Z. Kolovsky, Director-General, ROSPHOTO.

2. The issue of the use of electronic imaging in the practice of museum and archive and library storage - E. Agafonov, head of archival and historical department, ROSPHOTO.

3. The issue of registration and storage of electronic images to the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation - Ya. Romanova, chief curator of the museum objects, ROSPHOTO.

4. The issue of legal framework of museum storage and use of electronic images - B. Arikaynen, legal counsel ROSPHOTO.

5. Development of a prototype of the museum store electronic images - A. Tikhonov, Head of the Department photo-expert sector photo-technological department, ROSPHOTO.