Subsection 'New Circus and Street Theatre'.

Business event flow / Circus and street theatre

14.12.2015 15:00-18:00

Inzhenernaya str., 6. Hotel of circus performers. Red audience




3 – 6PM

  • Slava Polunin, Clownery: a profession or a mindset
  • Oleg Popov, To be a clown
  • Sergei Makarov, Where the clown is coming from
  • Irina Selezneva-Redner, Clowns at Ciniselli circus
  • Andrei Silchev, Anatoly Durov



  • Coffee break


6 -6:30 PM

  • Coffee break


  • Slava Polunin, "Clownery: a profession or a mindset";
  • Oleg Popov, "To be a clown";
  • Sergei Makarov, "Where the clown is coming from";
  • Irina Selezneva-Redner, 'Clowns at Ciniselli circus";
  • Andrei Silchev, Anatoly Durov.