Round Table discussion “The methodology of effective actions: professional public organizations of restorers in the regional economy, sectoral education and labor relations”

Business event flow / Cultural heritage preservation

14.12.2015 15:00-17:00

Bolshaya Morskayast., 52, Polovtsov Mansion (House of Architects), White Hall




  • N. Shangina, President of the Union of restorers of St. Petersburg, Ph.D., professor of Petersburg State Transport University, a member of the Council for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the Government of St. Petersburg;
  • R. Dayanov, Honorary Architect of Russia, member of the MAAM, Professor, Chairman of the Board of the architectural and historical heritage of the St. Petersburg Union of Architects;
  • V. Bykov, Ph.D., Honored Builder of Russia, Chairman of the Committee for enterprise in the construction and real estate market of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


  • N. Shangina, "Union of restorers of St. Petersburg: 10 years of experience in the methodology of restoration work in the conditions of internal and external competition";
  • R. Dayanov director "Architectural Office," The casting of the 91 "," Professional ethics restorers. Questions reputation of companies ";
  • Yu. Zagvozkin, director of the " Restauro SPb" A. Kharitonov, deputy director for science "AGIO", Professor at Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, M. Morozov, Deputy Director of "Lapin Enterprise", "Union of restorers - a platform for the exchange of experience and expertise of specialists";
  • N. Yavein, director of "Studio 44", A. Lapin, president of the "Lapin Enterprise", "Interaction between the owners and producers of monuments restoration work. View from the outside";
  • N. Shangina, "Economy efficiency of investment in the restoration of the monument";
  • V. Bykov, "Methods of co-operation of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and the Union of restorers of St. Petersburg in the field of advanced technology restoration.”