Subsection “New Circus and Street Theatre”: Clowning: the lessons of masters and how to teach clown

Business event flow / Circus and street theatre

15.12.2015 11:00-18:00

Inzhenernaya st., 6, Hotel of circus performers, Red auditorium




11AM –2PM

  • David Shiner (Germany/USA), Clowns at the world arenas
  • Leo Bassi (Spain), Why have the clowns left the circus and what is a clown in the street space? (Demonstration)
  • Richard Weihe (Austria), Accademia Teatro Dimitri


12:20 – 12:40PM

  • Coffee break


3 – 6PM

  • Georg Wacks (UK), Philippe Gaulier School
  • Jango Edwards (Spain), Nouveau Clown Institute
  • Slava Polunin, Polunin School


6 -6:30 PM

  • Coffee break