Round table discussion "Preservation of cultural heritage during the evacuation of 1941-1942."

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16.12.2015 10:00–13:00

Nevsky ave., 17, Stroganov Palace


Evacuation - a unique historical process that is unparalleled in world history. It became an example of mobilizing and unification of the Russian people hard times. One result of the evacuation was the impetus for the cultural and economic development of those regions that host the evacuated enterprises and institutions, and provided shelter and work for their compatriots.


The round table can be divided into two parts:

  • Science: Expert report presentations, the debate;
  • Practical: the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Perm Regional Museum and the Museum of Blockade of Leningrad.





09:30-10:00 Registration


10:00-10:15 Opening of the round table

  • Yevgeny Nikolsky, Member of the Government of St. Petersburg;
  • Irina Ivenskih, Deputy Prime Minister of the Perm region;
  • Grigory Menshikov - Chairman of the Perm fraternities in St. Petersburg.



"The evacuation of institutions, cultural values and the preservation of the Great Patriotic War on the territory of Perm Region"

Speaker: Igor Gladnev, Minister of Culture of the Perm region



"… industry"

Speaker: Mikhail Nechayev, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of public administration and history



"Literary Leningrad Molotov."

Speaker: Svetlana Loginova, Head of Department of the regional museum history of the Perm region, Honored Worker of Culture



Speaker: Milena Tretyakova, Deputy Director of the Museum of Blockade of Leningrad


11:00 - 11:10

Speaker: Tatyana Vorobieva, Russian Museum



Speaker: Veterans Council


11:20: 11:30

Speaker: Gregory  Menshikov, the chairman of the NGO "Perm fraternity in St. Petersburg"



Speaker: Arkady Konstantinov



Speaker: Tatyana Demidenko, chief archivist of the Perm State Archive of Contemporary History, State Public Institution






Practical part:

12:20-12:25 Agreement on cooperation between museums

Speaker: Gregory Menshikov.

S. Kurnosov, Director of the Museum Blockade of Leningrad and O. Yudina, director of the Perm Museum are invited.


Signing of the agreement.