Presentation of the creative industries Cluster of Saint-Petersburg

Business event flow / Intersectional events

16.12.2015 13:30-14:00

Dvortsovaya sq., 6/8, The General Staff Building, Beige Hall


The first professional association of creative industries was just organized in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Open to new participants the association unites entrepreneurs in the field of design, fashion, theater, cinema, music, and art galleries, industry of art clubs and art festivals.


One of the objectives is the consolidation and coordination of efforts of the leaders of St. Petersburg creative industries, aimed at the development of the sector, the implementation of large-scale infrastructural projects. This will increase the role of creative industries in the cultural, social and economic life of Saint-Petersburg. The association declares itself as a force capable through the culture to give additional dynamics to the development of the city and to increase the investment and tourist attraction of Saint-Petersburg.


Dmitry Milkov

The founder and the President of Creative Industries Development Center (CIDC) Association