Conference “Private Sector: Non-state museums and foundations of the new Russia. Formation of a new artistic reality”

Business event flow / Fine Arts

14.12.2015 16:00-18:30

Fontanka river emb., 21, Faberge museum


Starting from early 2000-s, many big collectors of modern and historical art have expressed their intention to create private museums. Despite the challenging economical and political background, many such projects are starting to take shape. Entrepreneur Igor Markin lead the way by opening Art4U modern Russian art museum in 2007 in Moscow.

2006 – Russian Icon Museum  (Aleksandr Abramov)

2011 – Russian Realism Art Institute  (Aleksey Ananiev)

2010 – Erarta Modern Art Museum (St. Petersburg)

2012 – Hebrew History in Russia Museum  (Sergey Ustinov)

2012 – Hebrew Museum and Tolerance Center

2014 – Art Deco Museum  (Mkrtych Okroyan)


Opening announced:

-AZ Museum  (Anatoliy Zverev and Nonconformist Painters Museum)

-Sobraniye Private Museum, David Yakobashvili Arts and Crafts Museum

-Russian Impressionism Museum, Boris Mints.


Collections being assembled and prepared to opening:

-Modern Russian Art Museum in Udarnik (Shalva Breus)

-Modern Art Foundation Museum ‘Victoria – the art of being modern’ (Leonid Mikhelson)

-Russian Realism Museum in London, ArtRusse Foundation  (Andrey Filatov)

-New permanent exhibition of Russian Art in Louvre (G. Timchenko and A. Filatov).

Moderator: Mikhail Kamensky (Sotheby's, Moscow).


Mikhail Kamensky

Art critic, Sotheby's, Moscow.